Direct Loan Servicing

If you are looking to find information about the current status of your loans, keep track of billing or change your repayment plan, Direct Loan Servicing is what you are seeking.

You can manage your student loan accounts online by logging in here:

In order to log in, you will need:

  • A compatible browser IE7+, Firefox 2.0+, Google Chrome 4.0+, or Safari 4+.
  • The last four digits of your SSN
  • Your FAFSA Pin (go to if you misplaced your PIN or need to to apply for one)

If you prefer, you can also contact the Direct Loan Servicing Center via telephone at (800) 848-0979.

Have a question about direct loans?

Direct Loan Servicing is not the only place you can find help with federal loan questions. The Student Loan Network has a special financial aid forum dedicated to these types of inquiries and most posts are answered within 24 hours (except over the weekend or holidays.)

Further, the Student Loan Network Blog is an excellent resource of useful information, tips and news regarding the latest developments in financial aid. If you use an RSS reader like Google Reader, subscribe here to get updates automatically sent to your browser!